Ucagiz (Ucagiz)


Ucagiz village is located in Kekova region on the shore of Ucagiz Bay. It is 0.9 miles NW of Kale Koy and 11 miles E of Kas. There is a dock in the village that belongs to the local cooperative.


36° 11′ 45″ N, 29° 50′ 52″ E

About the location

A small village is situated on the shore of Ucagiz Bay, next to Kale Koy.

It occupies the land of once flourishing ancient town of Theimussa.

When you walk among houses, you can come across the ancient sarcophaguses of Lycians; the historic artefacts got mixed with the modern household goods.

Ucagiz is a starting point for boat tours to Kale Koy settlement and Kekova Island. Moored in the bay are many gulets that belong to the cooperative and transport tourists. In the afternoons this place becomes crowded: countless number of buses arrives here with many tourists on board to go on an excursion.

Anchoring, mooring

The bay has two docks that belong to the local cooperative. The one to the W is occupied with gulets that transport tourists. Yachts find anchorage at the second, T-dock. Anchorage is on mooring anchors and mooring line, or broadside-to. Price is approximately 100 Tl. Depth is 2-5 meters. There is plenty of room to anchor in the bay; depth is 3-5 meters. The seabed is muddy, and the anchor can slip in some areas.


A good shelter from all winds. Some yachts spend winter here. Berthing for 6 months costs 1000 Euros.

Service, provisions at the dock

The employee of the cooperative will direct you to the berth and will fasten your mooring line. There is water and electricity on the dock. There is a separate fee for using a lavatory and a shower.

Infrastructure, supply

There is a small store with a limited range of goods in the village. Several restaurants are located on the shore.

What to look for

Lycian sarcophaguses can be seen everywhere. The ruins of the ancient town Theimussa. Arch bridge has been preserved till this day and is still used by people.

What and where to eat

Plenty of restaurants ashore. Serving traditional Turkish cuisine and fresh seafood.

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