Tomb Bay

Tomb Bay (Tomb Bay)


A bay with a restaurant on the shore and a dock.


36° 41′ 43″ N, 28° 51′ 51″ E

About the location

Tomb Bay. The bay is located 13 miles from Fethiye. There is a restaurant on the shore with two docks made of wood.

Anchorage is on mooring anchors. Depth is 2-3 meters. A shower and a lavatory available. It is well sheltered from all winds. In the evening the area has generator lighting.

Anchorage is available if you dine in the restaurant. Anchoring is possible; depth is 10-20 meters. The seabed: mud, seaweed, rocky areas. The anchor doesn’t hold securely enough.

Cuisine is traditional for the area, Turkish, fresh seafood.

It draws your attention with its picturesque shores covered with pine trees, and clear water in the bay.

Nearby, not too far, if you go up the hill, you can explore a few Lycian burial sites cut into the rock.

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Skytheon 13.05.2017, 04:39

Название читается как ТОМБ, а не Тум

Администрация 4.03.2018, 16:15

Skytheon, спасибо за замечание, конечно же Томб Бей, а не Тум