Tersane Creek

Tersane Creek (Tersane Creek)


A creek with a restaurant ashore and a dock.


36° 40′ 29″ N, 28° 54′ 55″ E

About the location

A creek of Tersane Island. On the shore amidst multiple well preserved ruins a restaurant is situated. The restaurant has a dock for yachts with mooring anchors. Anchoring nearby is possible, mooring line can be tied to the shore. You can use bollards located on the shore. Depth is 3-4 meters. The seabed: mud, seaweed, the anchor holds firmly. A good shelter from all winds. The restaurant serves traditional for this area cuisine.

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Вадим 12.06.2017, 18:44

Отличное место! Стояли трое суток и не надоело!