Sinop (Sinop)


Sinop – a town with a population of 57399 people situated in Sinop region in the N of Turkey.


42° 01′ 28″ N, 35° 08′ 56″ E

Nearest points

About the location

Sinop quite often serves as a border harbor for Russian yachtsmen that are sailing in the Black Sea to or from Turkey.

The town has a protected bay with a mooring wall, but it is hard to find an anchoring berth: they are usually occupied by local fishing boats.

Water replenishment, provisions and refueling are available. There are cafes, stores, ATMs as well as cellular phone stores.

Sinop is a port of entry; there is Customs, the port’s captain.

The region is famous for a red ochre pigment that had been extracted here in the old days and is used in painting.

Anchoring, mooring

Mooring is possible inside the bay by the town’s mooring wall. But it is difficult to find a berth because of the abundance of local fishing boats. If there is no room inside the bay, there is anchorage by the exterior side of the mooring wall.


A good shelter. The harbor is situated on the S side of the cape; it is quite deep and protected from wind and waves by a mole.

Service, provisions at the dock

A water supply line with fresh water and a regular tap runs to the dock. There are no other amenities or services on the dock.

Infrastructure, supply

There is infrastructure in town: shops, cafes, banks, fueling station. There are cellular phone stores where you can buy a local SIM card for calling or for the Internet.

On the streets there are ATMs that are able to exchange currency without a bank card. But during this transaction you might be required to indicate your local cellular phone number.

Port of entry

In Sinop there is Customs, the port’s captain, and agents that can help you process all required documents. But to process a transit log, you must contact the agents in advance because they don’t have blank forms in store; they order them from Ankara for every boat individually.

What to look for

The main landmark of this town is Sinop Kalesi fortress which is conspicuous from the water upon arrival at the bay. The fortress was founded in the 7th century AD by the Greeks, and it has been rebuilt and expanded multiple times throughout its history. You can visit Sinop prison (Sinop Kale Cezaevi). It was built in 1887 and it stopped being used as intended in 1997.

There is an Archeological museum in Sinop, and it is open from 8:00 till 17:00 every day except for Monday.

What to buy. You will come across a lot of small shops with models of sailing boats.


There are regular flights between Istanbul and Sinop.

You can walk around the town or use an inexpensive taxi with metered fares.

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Был в Синопе в 2013 году . Очень забитая стоянка но нам повезло пришли очень рано из Новороссийска где то 4 30 . Смогли пришвартоваться за пол часа до нас пришли яхты из Грузии и Украины у них там был типа гонка приглашали присоединиться но у нас был другой маршрут . Так вот их встречали официальные лица и скорей всего им освободили места ! Из трех яхт пришло две и мы под шумок заняли место третьей!

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What is the price for parking per night.

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You can berth yacht in Sinop for free!

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