Serce limani (Serce limani)


A narrow bay that cuts deeply into the shoreline.


36° 34′ 43″ N, 28° 02′ 49″ E

About the location

A narrow bay that cuts deeply into the shoreline. The shore is steep and surrounded by not very high mountains.

On the S side there is a rocky beach with flat area adjacent to it with a non-operational restaurant on top of it.

On the N side of the bay the shore is flat and a narrow valley approaches it; there is a road along the valley that runs towards the shore.

There is an operational restaurant here. It has a shower and a lavatory that can be used if needed.

Vegetables, olive oil and fresh bread are available for purchase.

According to the legend, a ship transporting glass goods had sunk in this bay in the 11th century. The ship’s owner was looking for a shelter in the bay but it wrecked on the reefs. The ship was found at a 32-meter depth, and today glass goods and other items retrieved from the ship are exhibited in Bodrum’s museum.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchoring or anchoring with a mooring line to the shore. The bay is deep. Yacht anchorage is comfortable in the S, N parts of the bay; depth here is 5-15 meters. The seabed: sand, seaweed, the anchor holds firmly. Comfortable anchorage in a small pocket of a shoreline across from the entrance.

There is a T-pier in front of the restaurant, and one more wooden dock belonging to the restaurant is located on the NW shore of the bay, 200 meters away from it. Anchoring and mooring available. As a rule, upon your entrance into the bay a restaurant’s employee will greet you from his boat and offer you his mooring services. Berthing is free of charge, but you have to dine in the restaurant.

During high season there are a lot of yachts here and it might be difficult to find an anchoring berth.


A good shelter from any winds. During strong E winds it is hard to be anchored on the S side and across from the entrance.

Service, provisions at the dock

The restaurant has a shower and a lavatory that can be used if needed

Infrastructure, supply

You can buy vegetables, olive oil and fresh bread in the restaurant.

What and where to eat

Traditional Turkish food in the restaurant. Fresh seafood.

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