Selimiye Koyu Settlement, Turkey.

Selimiye (Selimiye)


A small settlement located in the southern part of the Selimiye Koyu bay. There are several berths, including restaurants equipped with laid moorings.


36° 42′ 31″ N, 28° 05′ 31″ E

Nearest points

Orhaniye - 6 nm

About the location

In the southern part of the bay Selimiye Koyu located a small village Selimiye. Along the coastline there are two restaurants that have t-shaped berths. In the western part of the village, on the cape, there is also a pier. The berth is equipped with laid mooring (dead anchors), there is electricity, water. Near the beach there is a grocery store with a good assortment of products. The berth place is reliably protected from prevailing winds.

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Павел 20.05.2018, 18:14

8 мая 2018 г. встали на муринг у ресторана Аврора. Чудесное место, по средам шикарный рынок. Ресторан вкусный и бюджетный. На причале вода и электричество.