Port Alacati Marina

Port Alacati Marina (Port Alacati Marina)


The marina is located in Agrilar Limani Bay, which is 3 miles away from Alacati settlement.


38° 15′ 13″ N, 26° 23′ 04″ E

About the location

Port Alacati Marina is situated on Cesme peninsula which is 75 miles from Izmir and 15 miles from the settlement of Cesme. The marina is located in the NW part of a large Agrilar Limani Bay.

Anchorage in Port Alacati Marina is on mooring anchors and mooring. Depth is 3-4 meters. A good shelter from all winds.

The marina’s working channel is 72 and 16. Website: www.portalacati.com.tr/marina

Upon approach you will be greeted by the employees of the marina from their boat, and they will direct you to the berth and help you mooring.

There is electricity and water, the Internet on the dock. A shower, a lavatory, a café and a restaurant are available in the marina. Grocery store, bank and ATMs, self-service laundry.

In Alacati village nearby there is a grocery store and shops.

A fueling station available. Wastewater disposal system. A 100 ton lift, major types of repairs can be arranged.

Alacati’s marina and the apartments adjacent to it will remind you of Port Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The villas on the shore have their own private docks with moored up motor boats and sailing yachts. Alacati is also considered to be a fashionable resort and is as popular among Istanbul residents as Saint-Tropez among the Parisians.

Alacati is popular among one more category of holidaymakers. It is always windy in Agrilar Limani Bay, but winds don’t produce waves and this is what made windsurfers and kite surfers from all over the world fall in love with this place. Every year they hold windsurfing competitions here.

The town of Alacati located next to the marina is competing with Bodrum, Antalya and Marmaris for a title of the most stylish resort on the Aegean coast. There are plenty of boutique hotels, stores and art galleries. In local restaurants, cocktail bars and night clubs you can spot Turkish celebrities; many local residents are wealthy retirees from Istanbul.

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