Palamutbuku (Palamutbuku)



36° 40′ 08″ N, 27° 30′ 10″ E

About the location

A small settlement located on Datça peninsula, on the shore of a picturesque bay.

Azure sea and houses wallowing in almonds is a typical sight and a signature style of Palamutbuku.

The sea is very clean here with more than 20-meter visibility; you will often come across underwater fishing lovers and a lot of yachtsmen.

On the outskirts of Palamut there are sand and pebble beaches that stretch for over 2 km, which is not a usual thing to see in this area.

In the older days people used to be occupied in fishing, but today the settlement profits exclusively from tourism. There are several hotels on the territory of the settlement; villas are rented out to fans of a solo retreat.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchorage is in the town’s marina. To the SW (it’s deeper there) or NW wall. Anchoring, mooring to the mooring wall. The anchor holds well. Berthing costs 50 liras. There is water and electricity on the shore. A good shelter from all winds. Depth is 1.5 – 3 meters. You have to exercise caution when approaching the entrance of the marina: the entrance is narrow and there is a sandbank by the N breakwater.


A good shelter from all winds but strong south winds can produce waves.

Service, provisions at the dock

Ashore, in the marina, you are greeted by an employee that will direct you to the berth and will help mooring. Berthing costs 50 liras. You can pay at the kiosk that is located near the exit from the marina.

There is water and electricity. You can use shower and lavatory in the restaurants that are located across from the marina.

Infrastructure, supply

There are a few restaurants ashore, hotels and lodges. There is a small store with a limited assortment of products.

What and where to eat

Local restaurants cook delicious dishes from fresh seafood. It might be the best area on the coast where you can try dishes made of fish, shrimps and at reasonable prices.


Buses to Datça.

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