Kusadasi (Kusadasi)


A town in Aydin Province on the shore of the Aegean Sea some 90 km from Izmir with the population of 73000 people. There is a marina named Kusadasi Setur Marina in Kusadasi.


37° 52′ 09″ N, 27° 15′ 40″ E

About the location

Kusadasi is one of the popular resorts on the coast. Today Kusadasi is specializing in tourism. A typical Mediterranean climate with a hot summer and mild winter, a great ecological environment, sandy beaches and clear seawaters, proximity to the ruins of famous ancient towns – all these attract tourists to Kusadasi.

Kusadasi is also popular among yachtsmen because of Kusadasi Setur Marina that is located in the town and is offering good service with reasonable prices for yacht berthing ashore and in the water. A lot of owners of motor and sailing yachts choose this marina for anchorage, including for wintering on the water.

Setur Kusadasi Marina. The marina’s working channel is 73

Website http://www.seturmarinas.com/en/

Well protected from all the winds. Mooring available. Depth is 2-7 meters.

Showers, lavatories. Electricity and water, the Internet on the pontoon.

Fueling and provisions are available.

In Kusadasi the atmosphere is cozy and almost homely; the residents are hospitable; there is no fuss that is so typical for southern resorts.

Kusadasi has everything that’s needed for a comfortable vacation. Infrastructure is well developed, with a lot of stores of various types, a food market. Plenty of entertaining establishments, night clubs, restaurants, and discotheques are awaiting nightlife lovers. In the town and on its outskirts there are famous historic monuments.

Kusadasi exists since the 11th century BC; it used to be a small and unremarkable Greek port at the time, and there had been a more known town of Efes not far from it where all the travelers and merchants had been sailing to, leaving Kusadasi on the sidelines.

In the times of the Byzantine Empire the earthquakes had destroyed Efes and Kusadasi had become the main port and the intersection of major trade routes.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchorage in Setur Kusadasi Marina is on mooring, depth is 2-7, meters.


Well sheltered from all the winds.

Service, provisions at the dock

Setur Marina’s channel is 73. You will be greeted by the employees of the marina from their boat and will direct you to the berth. The employees will assist you with mooring. To use water and electricity, you must obtain a special magnetic card in the marina’s office and pay for the amount of water and electricity that you will need.

There is water, electricity, Wi-Fi and TV on the pontoon.

Fueling station, wastewater disposal system.

Travel-hoist for 80 tons, major types of repairs can be arranged.

Showers and lavatories are close to the pontoon.

Infrastructure, supply

Banks, ATMs are on the street along the waterfront. The territory of the marina is adjacent to the grocery store Migros with a wide assortment of foods. There are a lot of stores of various types, for all occasions. Not far from the marina, if you are walking along the waterfront towards the port, there is a small yacht store.

Port of entry

Setur Kusadasi Marina is a port of entry. All the required documents can be processed here upon arrival from Greece or if you are just heading there. It is a convenient place to cross the border with Greece. A Greek island of Samos with its port of entry is located 3.7 miles from Kas.

What to look for

The location of Kusadasi, first of all, is favorable because you can get to the ancient towns like Efes and Didyma very quickly. But Kusadasi itself has enough sightseeing areas.

Not far from the port there is a caravanserai of Okuz Mehmed-paşa which was built in 1618 and had been used as storage for merchandise. 10 km from the town there is a Byzantine castle Kadikalesi which can be of interest for those who like antique buildings.

What and where to eat

There are a lot of restaurants in Kusadasi, especially on the street that runs along the shore. They offer traditional Turkish and European dishes. There are fish markets where you can buy all kinds of seafood. One of the mini-markets is next to the port not far from the marina.


The nearest airports are in Izmir (90km) and Bodrum. A modern 6-lane highway runs to Izmir, so you can get there by bus from the bus station or by taxi.

You can take a bus to other cities: Pamukkale, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya.

There is a ferry sailing to the island of Samos.

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