Kas (Kas)


A small town 168 km from Antalya.


36° 12′ 15″ N, 29° 37′ 37″ E

About the location

Kas (in Ancient Greece - Antiphellus)

A small, pretty town that specializes in tourism.

There are two yacht anchorages near Kas.

Kas Marina that belongs to a chain of Setur marinas is located NW of Curkurbag Yarimadasi peninsula, at the bottom of Bucak Deniz Bay.

It is conspicuous. Even at night it is not difficult to navigate: at first you see a white lighthouse on the shore, then a lighthouse upon the entrance, which is located on the protecting mole of the marina.

Marina’s working channel is 73. Website www.kasmarina.com.tr

Well sheltered from all but W wind.

Mooring available. Depth is 2-12 meters.

Showers and lavatories. Electricity and water, the Internet on the pontoon.

Fueling and provisions are available.

The town’s marina is situated E of Curkurbag Yarimadasi peninsula. Well sheltered from all winds. Depth is 2-9 meters. Mooring and anchoring available.

Access to a shower and a lavatory, electricity and water on the dock.

Close by, in town there are restaurants, stores, banks and ATMs.

People inhabited the area of modern Kas in the 6th century BC. It was a part of the Lycian Federation, since then the wealthiest necropolis of that period has been preserved here.

In the antique times, under the ruling of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the town had been known as Antiphellus; it had been damaged during the Arab invasion and had become a part of Sultanate of Rum in the 11th century, and after its fall it had become a part of the Ottoman Empire.

In 1923 native Greek population abandoned this town, but Greek houses they had left behind are still intact and are a sight for tourists’ sore eyes.

Kas today is a small tourist town situated on the hill and surrounded by mountains from three sides. On the outskirts of the town they grow oranges, bananas, lemons and other fruits and vegetables. In spite of the fact that farming is an important industry in Kas, tourism is the main source of income. There are a few rocky beaches in town as well as plenty of good restaurants and hotels.

Anchoring, mooring

Kas Marina

Anchorage is on mooring in Kas Marina. Depth is 2-12 meters.

Town’s harbor

In the town’s harbor anchorage is on anchor and mooring, or broadside to the sea if there is an available berth. Depth is 2-9 meters. The seabed: mud, sand, the anchor holds firmly. In the nearest future they promise to install mooring anchors.


Anchorage in Setur Marina is well sheltered from all winds.

But a strong W wind can bring a swell in, rock the pontoon and yachts, and, as a result – an uncomfortable anchorage. Closer to the shore there is less exposure to the impact from the waves.

Anchoring berths in the marina are well sheltered from all the winds.

Service, provisions at the dock

Setur Marina’s channel is 73. You will be greeted by the employees of the marina from their boat.

Standard questions: yacht’s length, draught, how long you are planning to stay. Afterwards you will be directed to the berth. In case your boat is not too big, they ask for the end of the rope which is used to extend the mooring rope. The employees will assist you with mooring or will do it without your participation. The marina is spacious; there is a lot of room between the pontoons. To get to the pontoon or a lavatory, you need a special magnetic card which is provided to you at the office of the marina or by the marina’s employees that greeted you (in case the office itself is closed). It is advised that you ask for several cards or one card per your crew member. If you are planning to use electricity, an electrician will be called in to get it set up for you. You will have to pay at least 5 Euros for limited electricity usage.

There is water, electricity, Wi-Fi and TV on the pontoon.

Fueling station, wastewater disposal system.

Travel-hoist for 100 tons, major types of repairs can be arranged.

Showers and lavatories are close to the pontoon.

In the town’s harbor: access to a shower, a lavatory; water ashore, electricity can be hooked up.

Infrastructure, supply

In Setur Kas Marina there is a grocery store Migros with a great selection of groceries, minimum assortment of household supplies, detergent and personal hygiene items. There is a small yachting supplies store with a limited assortment of yacht supplies. ATM near Migros.

15-minute walking distance from the marina to the center of the town.

In the center, next to the roundabout there are three grocery stores – Migros, Carefur and the third one with a less known name. In town’s Migros imported alcoholic beverages are cheaper than in the Migros of Kas Marina. At the top of the street that is running E of the roundabout there is a small vegetable market. There are banks and ATMs. Plenty of restaurants, cafes, prices are affordable. There a small shops selling everything from antique items to souvenirs, house appliances to electronics.

Port of entry

Kas is a port of entry: all the required documents can be processed here upon arrival from Greece or if you are just heading there. It is a convenient place to cross the border with Greece. Greek island Megisti with Kastelorizo as its port of entry is 3.7 miles from Kas.

What to look for

There are not many historic monuments to see in Kas, the most famous is sarcophagus of Hypposarion and the ruins of the ancient towns of Komba, Nisa, Kandyba, Phellos.

200 meters from the town’s harbor there is a road sign directing you to the amphitheater. Amphitheater is located 1 km from the town and it was fully renovated, so it looks newly built.

For purchases, you have to go to Uzun Carsi Street, where you can not only go shopping, but also stop by at a restaurant or a bar. In the stores of Kas there is a wide selection of the traditional rugs and highest quality jewelry.

What and where to eat

The most famous restaurant in Kas – Batce - is situated on the same Uzun Carsi Street.

In some establishments the prices are too high but, mainly, the quality of food justifies overpricing. They serve fresh vegetable salads, puddings. In beach cafes they offer juices, ice-cream, toasted bread and sandwiches.

One more place to visit is Papillon Bistro: a café serving homemade pasta and the most delicious fruit cakes.


Kas is situated right in the midway between Dalaman and Antalya and you can get here from the airport by taking a taxi or booking a transfer at a hotel or a tour agency in Kas, by using a bus or dolmuᶊ.

The bus station is located in the town center. Buses depart to Istanbul, Izmir, Dalaman, Antalya. There is a water-taxi to Uchagyiz and a ferry to the Greek island Kastelorizo.

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