Karacaoren Buku

Karacaoren Buku (Karacaoren Buku)


Karacaoren Buku. A bay 13 miles from Fethiye and 1 mile SW from Gemiler Island. There is a restaurant situated ashore. This place is quite popular among yachtsmen that visit Gemiler, OluDeniz.


36° 32′ 28″ N, 29° 03′ 06″ E

About the location

Karacaoren bay is formed by a rocky isthmus, rocks that emerge from the water and an underwater reef from the S side. The bay is shielded by a small island with multiple ruins from the E side.

It is the first bay that comes across on your route from Fethiye to OluDeniz after you pass Iblis Cape.

The place is quite sheltered from the winds that prevail in the area. Anchorage is at anchor or on mooring buoys.

From the terrace of the restaurant you can enjoy a magnificent view of the bay’s waters. Restaurants offer traditional local cuisine, delicious dishes and made with love. Prices are somewhat similar to those in other establishments that specialize in serving yachtsmen. On the outskirts of the restaurant you can come across the remains of the ancient buildings.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchorage is at anchor or on mooring buoys that are available to the restaurant’s customers. Ashore, right at the edge of the restaurant there is a pier, but mooring is impossible due to the depths. It is possible to anchor by throwing a long mooring rope to the pier.

The seabed: sand, seaweed, the anchor holds quite firmly.


The place is quite sheltered from the winds that prevail in the area. But a swell comes in when there is a strong wind.

Infrastructure, supply

Periodically, a boat approaches anchored yachts and offers fresh bread and ice-cream.

What to look for

Not too far, just a mile away there is an island – a National park Gemiler.

Gemiler Island was first mentioned in the ancient legends. And according to one of those legends, in the ancient times the first Christians, who were hiding from persecution by the Romans, found shelter there. This is why the island had become one of the first Christian colonies, and later had served as an anchorage area for boats with pilgrims who were heading to Palestine.

The N part of Gemiler is flatter, and in the S it is a hill with a steep slope that shelters this side from the wind, so this area is a perfect anchorage for yachts. This was the reason why the island received its name that is translated from Turkish as “the island of boats”.

The main attraction for tourists here are the ruins that have been preserved from the times of the Byzantine Empire. The archeologists believe that the actual grave of Saint Nicholas is located on this island (and that has given this island its second name – Aya Nicola). The main church of the island, situated at the very top of the hill, is named in his honor too. One of its naves is carved into the rock. Traces of ancient mosaics have also been preserved here.

There is a beautiful arched gallery stretched between Saint Nicholas church and another small church located closer to the shore. In the ancient times pilgrims used to arrive here and walk through the gallery to the main church.

The island has also preserved several buildings of the 5th -6th centuries and five Christian burial sites.

Due to tectonic activity the northern, flatter part of Gemiler became flooded, but even today through clear water you can spot the drowned ruins of the pier.

What and where to eat

There is a restaurant ashore that offers traditional Turkish cuisine, fresh seafood.

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