Kalkan (Kalkan)


Kalkan is a small town in the district of Antalya. Population is 3000 people. It is situated on the shore of Kalkan Bay, in its NE part. Anchorage is in the town’s harbor.


36° 15′ 44″ N, 29° 24′ 50″ E

About the location

A small town with peculiar architecture that brings Greek and Turkish features together: short white houses, narrow paved streets.

It leaves a nice impression; local residents will win your heart with their hospitality. The only well protected bay between Fethiye and Kas is located here. Anchoring in the town’s marina is completely safe. Plenty of restaurants, ATMs, good grocery stories.

There used to be a small and unremarkable Greek village Kalamaki in the place of modern Kalkan. In the old part of the town there have been preserved houses with distinct Greek features. Later, a town called Kalkan emerged here. Since 1960s Kalkan has been a place of attraction for British yachtsmen and divers. Since then Kalkan has been a perfect place for family vacations. There are a lot of cottages in town and their owners are the British. Obviously, this is the reason why in grocery stores you can find foods that are uncharacteristic for Turkey (like bacon and pork).

Kalkan is famous for having the largest number of restaurants, cafes and bars per person than anywhere else in Turkey. A distinct feature that some of the restaurants possess is their location - on roofs and terraces that overlook narrow town streets with snow-white houses, and the sea.

Anchoring, mooring

In the town’s bay during peak season it is almost impossible to find a berth. Anchoring and mooring available. During slow season you can turn broadside on to the sea or on anchor on the outer side of the breakwater. The seabed is sandy and muddy, holds, mostly, firmly, but in certain areas it may slip. Close by, to the N, there is a bay with anchoring berths.


A good shelter from any winds. During S winds it is uncomfortable for yachts to be anchored on the outside.

Service, provisions at the dock

Marina’s employee will direct you to the berth and help you mooring. Anchoring and mooring available. Berthing is for a fee- 55 Tl. During slow season you can turn broadside on to the sea. There is electricity on the dock – 10 Tl, water – 5 Tl, lavatory – 1 Tl, shower – 8 Tl (prices of 2015). A self-service laundry is available. A refueler used to be on call, but today, according to some sources, it is prohibited.

Infrastructure, supply

Around the harbor there are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving delicious food. There are stores selling clothes, rugs, fake watches and souvenirs. ATMs and exchange are available. It is easy to find a small grocery store near the harbor where you can buy water, bread; there is a limited assortment of necessary items for yachtsmen. On the street adjacent to the harbor from the N side there is a largest number of restaurants and another small grocery store. Not far from the harbor there is quite a big food market. To find it, you have to, upon leaving the harbor, go 500 meters up the hill to the crossing with the street, then turn right, walk 50 more meters and then turn left. A fish shop is here as well. There is a store of household goods.

What to look for

There is nothing to see in Kalkan itself. But next to Kalkan there are 3 beaches that are considered the best in Turkey.

You can visit the Xanthos Valley which is protected by UNESCO. It is famous because the towns of Lycian Federation had been situated here; antique temples, bridges, aqueducts have been preserved here. The main sightseeing areas are the Harpy Tomb and the Nereid Monument. Letoon – one of the most important religious centers of Lycia - is also located here. During excavations they have found an amphitheater, a tomb of a noble Roman, Byzantine basilica, Temple of Leto.

In the sea, not too far, there is an uninhabited island Chata, and near the beach – Kaputas. You can visit a Blue Cave 7 km from Kalkan. It is featuring water that displays all shades of turquoise color.

What and where to eat

There are a lot of restaurants with diverse cuisine.


You can get to Kalkan from 2 airports: Antalya – 215 km and Dalaman – 180 km.

There are buses from Antalya: Batı Antalya Tur, Kamil Koç Turizm, Pamukkale Turizm , Metro Turizm, but individual transfer is also available.

It is more convenient to move around the town in dolmuᶊ.

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