Kale Koy

Kale Koy (Kale Koy)


A small village in the district of Antalya on the shore of Kekova’s bay, with the population of 80 people. Restaurants with docks on the shore.


36° 11′ 21″ N, 29° 51′ 38″ E

About the location

Kekova’s Bay, Kale Koy is one of the most visited and popular places among yachtsmen and tourists on the coast of Turkey.

Kale Koy is known for its views, historic landmarks, well preserved amphitheater, sarcophaguses that are famous in the whole world. From the Middle Ages landmarks – the fortress of The Order of St. John. Along the shore of Kekova Island, under water, you can find the ruins of a sunken town.

There are a few restaurants with jetties ashore. Anchorage is broadside to the dock, 2-3 yachts on each side of the dock. Anchoring is possible but the anchor doesn’t hold well.

In the ancient times in the place of Kalekoy village was a town-port Simena, founded in the 4th century BC, it was located on the territory of the Lycian state, and used to be one of the trade centers of Lycia.

In the second century due to tectonic shocks a part of Simena had sunken and its residents abandoned the town looking for a safer place to live.

This place inherited its modern name after the castle (kale) built in the Middle Ages by the knights of the Order of St. John instead of the analogous building that had been here in the Lycian times.

During the peak season a lot of visitors come here to look at the ruins located ashore and under water; they do it from a boat while sailing through the bay.

Anchoring, mooring

Mooring to the docks of the restaurants that are located ashore. Three restaurants have docks the ends of which are very deep, so several yachts at a time can find mooring here. Mooring is broadside to the sea; the owner of the restaurant will direct you to the berth. Closer to the shore the depth decreases.

Anchoring is available NE of the docks at 12-15 meter depth. The seabed might have rocky areas.


A good shelter from all the winds if you are moored to the dock. It is quite difficult to stay anchored during winds because the anchor doesn’t hold well.

Service, provisions at the dock

The owners of the restaurant will greet you on the dock, direct you to the berth and will help mooring. You can get electricity; there is water, Wi-Fi in a café. A lavatory and a shower are available in the restaurants.

What to look for

Kale Koy is known for the ruins of the antique buildings. Not far from the shore there are sunken ancient Lycian tombs. Other tombs were inside the cliffs, archeologists found sarcophaguses with covers that looked like overturned boats. They explain: the Lycian people used to believe that even after death they would be able to sail to the sea.

Ashore you can come across the ruins of antique saunas, and in the sea you can see a half-sunken sarcophagus that serves as a landmark of Kale Koy.

From the Middle Ages – the fortress of knights of St. John.

What and where to eat

There are plenty of restaurants ashore, which specialize in serving tourists and yachtsmen. Their menu offers a traditional Turkish cuisine, fresh seafood.


The closest to Kale Koy airport is in Antalya – some 120 km away. You can take a bus from Antalya to Kas, and from there - to Kale Koy.

You can reach the village by sea from Kas, Demra, Uchagyiz. It is most preferable because from the yacht you can admire the sunken ruins of the antique buildings.

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