Hayit Buku (Hayit Buku)


Kalaboshi, Ova Buku is a small bay with restaurants ashore, situated one mile away from Adatepe Burnu Cape.


36° 41′ 02″ N, 27° 34′ 23″ E

About the location

A small bay edged by a gorgeous beach. Situated one mile away from Adatepe Burnu Cape and about 9.4 miles from Datca.

Anchoring, mooring

Mooring stern or bow-to to a small mole, on moorings and anchor. As a rule, the owner of one of the restaurants situated on the bay’s shore helps yachtsmen with mooring. It is necessary to use a long bridge since it’s dangerous to approach the mole too closely because of a shallow depth. If you don’t have the bridge, they will pass you one from the shore. Before 2015 there used to be a T-dock with water and electricity in the bay; you can find its remains ashore. They’ve promised to restore the dock.

Possible to anchor in the NW part of the bay, 5-7 meter depth.

The anchor holds firmly.


A good shelter from the meltemi, but anchoring area is not protected from S winds.

Service, provisions at the dock

As a rule, the owner of one of the restaurant helps with mooring.

A shower and a lavatory are available in the restaurants, and so is Wi-Fi access.

Infrastructure, supply

Provisions can be replenished. There is a small grocery store.

What and where to eat

There are a few restaurants and lodges situated along the beachline. In the restaurants they serve traditional Turkish food, prices are moderate.

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