Gumusluk (Gumusluk)


A small village and a bay, 18 km from Bodrum. There is a T-dock, water and electricity. Riding at anchor. Available provisions. Bars and restaurants. Fair shelter from any winds.


37° 03′ 17″ N, 27° 13′ 59″ E

About the location

A small tourist village on the shore of a picturesque bay. Located 18 km NW of Bodrum. In the ancient times a Greek town called Myndos was situated here and it was a part of the Carian kingdom. Quite often people come across the fragments of the buildings of that period around the bay.

In the N part of the bay there is a T-pier, the depths allow for a mooring of a keel yacht. There is water, electricity and the Internet on the dock. Possible to anchor in the NW part of the bay or across from the village. The seabed: mud, seaweed, the anchor holds firmly. Depth is between 5 and 12 meters.

A fair shelter from any winds. But a low isthmus in the NE part is a poor protection from strong N and NW winds; in the N part of the bay a swell may form during strong sea motions.

You can replenish your provisions in the village. In the restaurants that are located along the shore of the bay you can taste fresh fish and a traditional Turkish cuisine.

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