Finike (Finike)


A small town in Antalya Province with population slightly over 11 200 people.


36° 17′ 37″ N, 30° 09′ 00″ E

About the location

A small town, residents are, mainly, occupied in agriculture; famous for its orange growing industry.

It is no accident that an orange is present on the city’s emblem, and there are dozens of monuments devoted to oranges. Streets are filled with stands that serve freshly squeezed orange juice.

Finike is situated in the place where an ancient port Phoenicia used to be and which was built in the 5th century BC by Phoenicians. It is famous for its largest sea battle; Byzantine and Arab fleets fought in 655 near the town.

Tourism industry has not touched Finike as much as it has Antalya; designed to demand money from tourists and yachtsmen, which they have saved for vacation, and with a tinge of intrusion as an inevitable contributing factor, this industry is not so well developed here. As a result, all the prices here are lower comparing to those of the popular resorts, and accommodation is cheaper.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchorage is in Setur Marina. Anchoring is on mooring anchors, mooring. Depth is 2-5 meters.

Marina’s working channel is 73, “Setur Marina”.



The marina is well sheltered from all winds.

Service, provisions at the dock

Setur Marina’s channel is 73. The marina’s employees will greet you from their boat, direct you to the berth and help you mooring.

On the dock: water and electricity. The marina has a lavatory, a shower, a restaurant, a self-service laundry, fueling station.

A tourist-lift, major types of repairs can be arranged.

The marina is very popular among yachtsmen that stay in Turkey for winter. Berthing price is one of the lowest on the whole coast, there is no charter fleet. It is more like a yachts owners’ club. When you walk from dock to dock, you get aesthetic pleasure from looking at such a huge amount of yacht designs that have become legends.

People that stay on their yacht for winter join groups with similar interests: for example, yoga classes.

Infrastructure, supply

Beyond marina’s fence there is a yachting supplies shop, a yacht crew agency. You can have a transit log processed.

Next to the marina there are a lot of small grocery shops, cafes and restaurants. There is a picturesque park with fountains, just a 5-minute walk from here.

The main street of Finike is Serbetci Boulevard which stretches along the seashore. If you walk on Serbetci Boulevard towards Antalya for 15 minutes, you will find two little food markets, Carrefour and Bulvar Market with great selection of groceries and necessary household goods. 140 meters from here is Migros.

If you walk N from the marina on Serbetci Boulevard towards Antalya, in 600-800 meters you will reach the street meets a river. Farther, if you walk 300 meters up along the river against the current, you will see a square with a little food and vegetable market, a fish shop and some little cafes. When you walk N through the square, you’ll pass the house enlaced with ivy and walk about 400 more meters on the street “504”, and you will find a butcher shop.

Port of entry

Finike is a port of entry.

What to look for

Monuments of the ancient times have not been preserved.

But there are a lot of them on the outskirts of the town. There are the ruins of Phoenicia close by, but they haven’t been well preserved.

About 10 miles away there are the ruins of the Lycian town Limyra built in the 5th century BC.

In Limyra you can visit necropolis, the tomb of General Pericles, and the amphitheater that has been preserved since the Roman Empire. A little farther from Finike there are Demre and Myra where Nikolaos the Wonderworker used to live and where the church in his name is situated.

What and where to eat

Local oranges, fresh orange juice. In multiple restaurants everyone can find cuisine and dishes to their own liking.


A bus to Antalya, Fethiye.

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