Eskifoca (Foca) (Eskifoca (Foca))


Eskifoca, Foca, Old Foca. It used to be called Phocaea in Ancient Greece. It is a small town 69 km away from Izmir with the population of 13 000 people. There are docks for yacht mooring.


38° 40′ 00″ N, 26° 44′ 55″ E

About the location

Foca, Pokaia in Ancient Greece, Phocaea. A town and a district in Izmir Province. Distance to Izmir is 69 km, with population of 13 000 people.

Town of Foca lies on the shores of two bays: Buyukdeniz Limani and Kucukdeniz. This place is often called Eskifoca; there is a town of Enifoca in this district as well.

The town of Phocaea was founded in the 9th century BC, and its residents were occupied in sailing. During its existence the town was under the ruling of Rome and the Byzantine Empire. In 1455 the territory became a part of the Ottoman Empire, and Phocaea was renamed into Foca. Phocaea used to be a large town, and nowadays it is a pretty, cozy village to live in. The Greek style of architecture is easily recognized in the buildings that are spread along the sea. The window frames and shutters are painted blue.

Anchoring, mooring

Anchoring is available in Buyukdeniz Limani Bay at the dock situated to the S of fortress wall. But it is hard to find a free berth here. Anchorage on mooring and mooring anchors.

Across from the bay there are docks for fishing boats. Some of these docks are reserved for transit yacht anchoring and you can find a berth there. Anchorage on mooring and mooring anchors. It is quite a far walk from here to the town.


The dock by the fortress wall is better protected from prevailing N and NE winds. The docks across from the bay provide better anchoring if anchored from the S side of the dock, because during a strong, prevailing wind mooring rope stretches and there is a risk of the yacht hitting a dock.

Service, provisions at the dock

There is electricity, water and a lavatory ashore. Fueling is performed by an on-call tanker.

Infrastructure, supply

There are enough grocery stores in town; provisions replenishment, food and fish markets available. Currency exchange, ATMs to withdraw money.

What to look for

The sea waters that wash the shores surrounding Foca are inhabited by Mediterranean monk seals, endangered species of aquatic mammals, which is a hallmark of Foca and is represented on its emblem. In the bay across the town there are several small islands. Two of them, Orak and Incir, are known as Sirens Rocks mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey”. According to the legend, the ships used to crash and sailors used to go crazy when they heard beautiful singing of the Sirens. There are very few monuments left from the times of the ancient Phocaea. During excavations archeologists have found the ruins of Temple of Athena and an amphitheater.

What and where to eat

There are a lot of restaurants in town that offer traditional Turkish dishes, seafood dishes.


The nearest to Foce airport is Adnan Menderes in Izmir, 90 km. You can get to Izmir by bus.

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