Ekincik (Ekincik)


A village with a population of 16 000 people.


36° 49′ 28″ N, 28° 33′ 19″ E

About the location

A village with a population of 16 000 people, located in Mugla Province, on the shore of Ekincik Bay, in the N part of a large Koycegiz Limani Bay.

It is a very popular area for yacht anchorage. There are plenty of them here in the summer time.

The bay is surrounded by the mountains covered with huge pine trees, which create an amazing view. It is a convenient place for a first overnight stop if you are heading from Marmaris, Fethiye or Gocek.

At the bay’s entrance, on the E side, there is a marina called My Marina where mooring is available.

In the W part of the bay, at the bottom of the beach by a concrete pier protected by a mole there are anchoring berths for anchoring stern-to or bow-to to the sidewall of the pier.

There are a lot of berths for anchoring.

The area is quite sheltered from prevailing winds.

The seabed: sand, seaweed, the anchor holds firmly.

There is a settlement close by, with stores and a little market. Along the beachline there are some restaurants, a small grocery store.

Anchoring, mooring

A small marina My Marina is located at the bay’s entrance on the E side. Mooring is by the pier. A good shelter from any winds.

In the W part of the bay, at the bottom of the beach there is a concrete pier protected by a mole. The right side of the pier is occupied by local vessels transporting tourists to Dalyan. The left side is being used for yacht anchoring. Anchoring is stern, bows-to to the pier. Depth is 2-3 meters. The price of berthing is 80 liras; there is water and electricity supply. There is a restaurant next door, on the shore. A good shelter from any winds.

Anchoring is available across from the beach – at the bottom of the bay or in the N part of the bay. Depth is 5-8 meters. The anchor holds firmly, the seabed is sandy. Quite often people anchor across from My Marina. During peak season when there are a lot of yachts, you can choose Kargi Koyu where, generally, there are fewer yachts. The bay is located in front of Ekincik on the W side.


A good shelter from any winds, if you stop at My Marina and by the pier in the W part of the bay protected by the mole. Anchoring berths are protected from prevailing winds but not well sheltered from S winds.

Service, provisions at the dock

Upon your approach to My Marina you are greeted by the marina’s employee from his boat who will direct you to the berth and help mooring. There is water and electricity, a shower, a lavatory on the dock. Berthing price is 50 liras. There is a refueler on call.

Infrastructure, supply

In My Marina you will find a restaurant with a nice view, beautiful design, very delicious food and quite high prices. There is a small store with limited assortment of groceries.

There are a few restaurants along the beachline, and one of them is across from the concrete pier in the W part of the bay. Next to the beach there is a small store with limited assortment of groceries and quite high prices. The locality Ekincik is situated far from the shoreline, about 300 meters from the sea. It has a little food market and stores.

What to look for

The shoreline in the N part of the bay makes a gorgeous beach with black sand with coarse sand fraction. The beach stretches for more than 1.5 km.

The remains of the ancient town Caunos, Lycian tombs and a turtle beach Iztuzu.

This anchoring area is conveniently located for visiting the delta of river Dalyan, the ancient town of Caunos with its 5000-year history, Lycian tombs and a turtle beach Iztuzu. Transportation of tourists to the sites is arranged by Ekincik Dalyan Coop company, and you have to arrange the voyage from the night before. The voyage itself is one hour long and the excursion takes the whole day.

What and where to eat

Restaurants in My Marina and on the beach. Seafood, dishes of a traditional Turkish cuisine. Next to the beach, on the sand line there are several hotels and restaurants serving dishes of a traditional Turkish cuisine.


A bus to Muglu with a connecting bus to Marmaris.

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Alex 25.07.2016, 15:07

1. Были в Экинчике в конце ноября 2015 и на майские праздники 2016. Бетонная стенка слева за молом была полностью занята местными лодками кооператива и рыбачками, то есть встать можно было только на якоре. зато поставили колонки с водой и электричеством, выложили площадку и дорогу в сторону отеля брусчаткой, поставили лавочки, возможно эта бетонная стенка скоро станет удобной гостевой маринкой:). От Май марины до Экинчика есть дорога через лесок, примерно 2 км., при желании можно прогуляться

2. В Май марине бывает не очень комфортно стоять при нагонной волне с юга-юго-запада. В этом году на майские за стоянку лодки 38 футов отдали 40 лир, это без электричества и воды.

3. Экскурсии на Дальян двух видов: короткая - 4 часа (гроты, черепаший пляж, древний Каунос, г. Дальян-место на речке, где фоткаются на фоне гробниц в скале) и длинная - 6 часов ( то же, только едут по речке дальше, где можно искупаться в грязях и горячем минеральном источнике). короткая стоит 120 евро за лодку, длинная - не помню. В Кауносе не поленитесь, заберитесь на самый верх, где крепость, тропа туда идет за амфитеатром. Вид оттуда-изумительный, панорамный на всю местность вокруг.

Павел 20.05.2018, 18:00

Были здесь 29 апреля 2018 г. Стояли в My Marina. Муринги, вода, электричество, душ, туалет. Цена за ночь 32 футовой лодки 75 лир. Марина маленькая, есть ресторан , достойный .