Datca (Datca)


A small town with the population of 10034 people, a district center of Mugla Province.


36° 43′ 34″ N, 27° 41′ 16″ E

About the location

A small town with a lovely, cozy waterfront.

Mooring is available by the sidewall of a pier, on moorings and anchor. Both bays encircling the town have plenty of room to anchor. Anchor holds firmly, but the anchoring berths are not completely sheltered from S and W winds.

Provisions are available. There are grocery stores, banks and ATM machines. Many restaurants. Refueler on call.

Datca is a port of entry, documents can be processed quickly. It is very convenient to head to the Greek island of Symi from here (Symi is a port of entry) or return from this island.

Datca specializes in growing organic almonds which are considered the best in Turkey.

Anchoring, mooring

In the S bay, facing pier’s sidewall, on moorings and anchor. Anchoring in the S or N bay. The N bay is where gulets dock.

There is enough depth even by the sidewall, but under water there is bulging in the sidewall that can pose danger to a rudder blade, if anchored too close to the shore during onshore wind.

There is a small marina protected by a mole and a peninsula. Local “fleet” is anchored there.

During peak season it can be hard to find a docking space by the waterfront, but there is enough space for anchoring in the N or S bay.

The seabed is muddy with seaweed, holds anchor firmly.


A good shelter from the meltemi, but not well sheltered from S winds during storms; due to waves rising during W winds, anchorage becomes uncomfortable.

Services, provisions on the dock

Service, provisions at the dock

On the shore you will be greeted by the employee that will direct you to your berth and help you fasten the mooring rope. There is electricity, water at the dock. Lavatory and shower for a fee.

A refueler on call is available to come and fuel the vessel. The fuel markup will be about 0.35 liras per liter.

Price for yacht anchorage is around 70 liras.

Infrastructure, supply

Banks, ATMs; ashore, across from the anchoring berths there is a mini-market with a minimally necessary assortment; there are a few cafes and bars.

Along the waterfront of the N bay there are plenty of restaurants, chairs and tables are brought outside onto the sandy beach, and the prices are quite affordable.

500 meters away, on the street running from the anchoring berths there is a post office. Right behind the post office there is a perpendicular street; heading downhill to the sea you will find stands with souvenirs. In the opposite direction there is a food market which is open on weekends. You can buy vegetables, fruit, chickens, cheese, salami, and fish at affordable prices.

You can also find banks and ATMs on this street.

Port of entry

Datca is a port of entry. It is very convenient to be able to clear customs, to process documents permitting to travel to Greece or from Greece to Turkey. Customs, police, port’s captain are all located nearby. Transit log processing. Broker’s office is across from the anchorage area.

What to look for

Not many visitors get to see almonds blossoming because they bloom in February. But by April you can eat green almonds together with its seeds.

A small lake with hot springs and a small waterfall with its water running into the sea. Picturesque bays with clear water.

What and where to eat

A large selection of restaurants along the waterfront of the N bay. Traditional for this area dishes are keşkek (ground meat with wheat), dolma, kısır (spicy salad made of bulgur, tomatoes and greens). In March everybody eats snails because it is a snail season (they are considered to have health healing properties). House special desert (incir badem) is figs stuffed with almonds.


Bus services to Marmaris, Muglu. There is a ferry to Bodrum.

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Действительно очень уютное место. Из достопримечательностей хотел бы добавить античный амфитеатр.