Ciftlik (Ciftlik)


A small picturesque bay 11.7 km from Marmaris. Restaurants with docks ashore.


36° 42′ 56″ N, 28° 14′ 28″ E

About the location

A small picturesque bay is located behind the island of Ciftlik Adasi, 11.7 km from Marmaris, if heading to Bodrum. In the old days Ciftlik used to be called Flarus.

The place is located not far from Marmaris: it pleases tourists with clean water and a sandy beach stretching all the way along the coastline of the bay. The island of Ciftlik is a privately owned property that you are not allowed to visit without a landlord’s permission.

Anchoring, mooring

On the shore, in the W part there are several hotels varying in prices with restaurants and docks for yacht mooring. All of the docks are supplied with mooring anchors.

Available anchoring, the depth is over 3 meters, closer to the beach it is up to 15 meters. The seabed: sand, seaweed, holds anchor securely.

Before noon the bay is usually filled with a lot of recreational boats that bring tourists; in the evenings there are more berths available.


It is well sheltered from N (meltemi) and W winds, not a good shelter from S, E and SE winds. Strong S and E winds create large waves, and it is not safe to be anchored there.

Service, provisions at the dock

Anchorage at the dock in exchange for dining at the restaurant. There is water and electricity, the Internet.

You can use lavatory and shower inside the restaurant.

Infrastructure, supply

There are restaurants ashore.

What and where to eat

There are several restaurants ashore. The cuisine is traditional for this area. Every visitor can find a suitable spot according to his/ her taste and notion of a reasonable price.


Dolmus to Marmaris.

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Павел 20.05.2018, 18:06

Стояли здесь 2 мая 2018. Муринги, электричество, вода. Питание в ресторане AZMAK. Вкусно, бюджетно. Как в других ресторанах не знаю. Душ и туалет чистые. Можно съездить на экскурсию к 2000 летнему платану. При южном ветре очень неприятная нагонная волна.

Guest 17.08.2018, 14:37

большое количество пчел. как в воде, так и на пляже в песке.