Bozukkale (Bozukkale)


A large bay with three restaurants and docks, not far from Karaburun Cape, two miles NE.


36° 34′ 13″ N, 28° 00′ 56″ E

About the location

Not far from Karaburun Cape, little over 2 miles NE, there is a huge bay Bozukkale (Bozukkale is a destroyed fortress), Bozuk Buku, Loryma.

At the bay’s entrance, on the left side, you can see a wall of the fortress that stretches for 120 meters. It can serve as a landmark that indicates the entrance into the bay.

In the ancient times there was a town of Loryma, or Apolotheka, situated on the bay’s shore. There are three restaurants located in the bay, and you can only reach them by sea because there is no road leading to them. Anchoring by the restaurants’ docks on mooring anchors. Docking is permitted only if you come to dine in the restaurant.

There is enough room for anchoring berths. The seabed: sand, seaweed, anchor holds firmly. A great shelter from winds. Sometimes swell gets in. A lavatory and a shower in the restaurants. No opportunity to replenish water, electricity comes from a generator which can be used only if there is a huge necessity.

Vessels have been visiting this place for four thousand years. In the ancient times it used to be of strategic importance, and that is why it used to be well protected at the entrance by a fortress which has been preserved till to date.

In 395 BC it had been a gathering place for a united fleet of Athens before the Battle of Cnidus against Spartans, and in 305 BC Demetrius, the son of Antigonus I Monophthalmus, had been preparing his ships for an attack on Rhodes.

In the Middle Ages, during the time when Rhodes ruled the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, the bay had been used by merchant ships sailing from Rhodes.

Gulets full of tourists cannot reach here, that’s why it is peaceful and quiet all year round. The bay’s shores are distinguished by their intact nature, clean and clear water.

Bozukkale is a convenient spot for a first overnight stop for yachtsmen that chartered a yacht in Marmaris and are heading towards Bozburun or Datca. Quite often Bozukkale Bay docks are overcrowded with multiple participants of corporate sailing regattas.

Anchoring, mooring

Mooring anchors. Possible anchoring at wooden docks of the restaurants and mooring.

Enough room for a comfortable anchoring. A comfortable anchoring in one of the two coves at the bottom of the bay, 8-15 meter depth. In two not very deep 5-8 meter coves in the central part of the W side of the bay, and in the cove adjacent to the first restaurant from the entrance into the bay and from the fortress. It is possible and even preferable to throw a mooring line ashore.

The seabed: sand, seaweed, anchor holds firmly.

The first from the entrance “Alibaba” restaurant is a convenient starting point for visiting the fortress. The fortress has been preserved since the Hellenic times. From its walls, which stretch for 120 meters, you can enjoy an amazing view overlooking the outskirts and Rhodes Island.

Restaurant’s anchoring area are more protected from the winds in the bay, but it is also more crowded with yachts. The wooden jetty of a restaurant can provide mooring for 18 yachts, 4-meter depth is sufficient. Lavatory and shower. With the Internet available in the mornings and in the evenings.

In the central part of the bay there is a “Mustafa Shengul” restaurant that can accommodate up to 18 yachts, 4-meter depth. With lavatory and shower.

In the N part there is “Loryma” restaurant that can accommodate up to 14 yachts at its wooden jetty, it also has buoys. Lavatory and shower.

From here you can head down to explore the antique settlement of Loryma with its ruins spread nearby on the slope of the mountain. The settlement had emerged in the 7th century BC and had decayed after the Arab invasion in the year of 700 BC. In the 4th-3rd centuries the Loryma settlement had been of importance. On its territory there are ruins of acropolis, surrounded by walls, necropolis, religious structures, but they can be barely distinguished from the stones. The walls built from treated stones are well preserved and terraced on the slope.


A good shelter from winds, from the meltemi, in particular. The most protected from all winds is the cove adjacent to the first from the fortress restaurant. During strong winds there may be a swell in the bay.

Service, provisions at the dock

Help available with mooring at the jetty of a restaurant and fastening the mooring line. Restaurants have a lavatory and shower. Electricity from a generator, the area is lit in the evening. You can use electricity on the dock only if it is extremely necessary. All the restaurants claim that they have Wi-Fi but, as a matter of fact, it is hard to use due to its very low speeds.

What to look for

The fortress, the ruins of the antique settlement of Loryma.

What and where to eat

All the restaurants serve fresh fish, calamari, and traditional Turkish appetizers.

In this and other similar restaurants it is advised that you discuss the price of the meal beforehand, and be prepared to pay the price that is higher than in an average locality.

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Павел 20.05.2018, 18:09

3 мая 2018 г. стояли в этой бухте у ресторана Али-Баба. Самый первый при входе слева. Очень удобное место. Хороший ресторан, бюджетно, вкусно. Душ и туалет есть. Воды и электричества нет. Можно осмотреть развалины старинной крепости. Шикарные виды. Рядом с пирсом живет большая черепаха, можно купаться вместе с ней.