Bozburun (Bozburun)


A small town with the population of 2000 people, Marmaris area, province of Mugla.


36° 41′ 33″ N, 28° 02′ 33″ E

About the location

A small cozy town with a friendly population. It is located on the same-name peninsula across from the Greek island Symi (just 12 miles away).

It is situated in a gorgeous place surrounded by short mountains without almost any vegetation, which doesn’t deprive the scenery of its appeal.

Anchoring berth is in the town’s harbor, on moorings and anchor, there is enough space for anchoring throughout the bay. The anchor holds securely. A great shelter from any wind.

You can replenish supplies here. There are stores, ATM machines, refueller on call.

Port of entry and exit, it is advised that you inquire the hours of operation of the office over the phone.

The history of the settlement goes back to years of 2000 BC. There are ruins of an ancient town Larumna close by, and the remains of the wall of the fortress on the hill.

Not a long time ago it used to be a small settlement of fishermen and builders of wooden yachts called gulets. One of the most famous building yards of Turkey is situated here.

Before the year of 2000 you could reach Bozburun only by sea.

This location yachtsmen are so in love with is perfect for blending with nature and escaping from civilization. There is the purest water inside the bay; nature - not touched by humans, absence of high waves, and constant wind.

The town is full of small hotels located on the street along the seashore. There are also restaurants with deliciously cooked seafood, shops with beach accessories, grocery stores, ATM machines.

Anchoring, mooring

A small town harbor is sheltered by the mole. Mooring is stern, bow to the quay and anchor, or broadside to the shore (during high season broadside to other yachts is also allowed). The depths in some areas of the eastern part are more than 2 meters, in other areas – 3 meters.

Not far from the southern mole of the harbor, to the north of “Migros” store (around 20 meters from it) there are berths for paid mooring. From the shore you will be showed the berth to anchor into and you will receive help mooring. You can use an anchor or a mooring rope. There are water and electricity release columns.

You can also find an anchoring berth near the docks along the coastline, to the south of the harbor, where local boats are moored. Along this shore there are plenty of small hotels and some restaurants that offer docks for anchoring and buoys.

The bay has quite enough space for anchoring. The depth to the north of the harbor is 20-30 meters; closer to the shore, to the west of the harbor it is 3-5 meters.

The seabed has mud and sand to secure an anchor.


It protects greatly during any wind, but during southers it might not feel comfortable at the dock of the town’s harbor.

Service, provisions at the dock

On shore, in the harbor you are greeted by one of the personnel who will help you anchoring. The anchoring berth is not free: it is 50 lyres. Payment can be processed in the office which is located on the left of the ATM machines, if you are looking at it from the dock.

There is water and electricity. Lavatory and shower must be paid for; they are located across from the berth, next to the fire-rescue post. This type of service is offered by many restaurants.

Refueller on call: you can obtain the phone number at the office of the berth.

It is possible to lift the yacht onto the yard next door. There is access to a limited amount of technical support.

Infrastructure, supply

You are able to replenish your provisions: there are small grocery shops across from the berth ("Cfrefour-mini", "Migros -jet"), a little further down the shore, to the south, in around 1 km, there is a bigger store called “Migros”, with a wide selection of groceries. Before you reach “Migros”, you will come across a fish shop. On the street that leads from harbor to the mosque there are two butcher shops.

ATM machines.

Plenty of cafes and restaurants.

There is a small shop with a limited selection of necessary items for yachts.

Port of entry

In Bozburun during high season that starts around the beginning of May and lasts till the end of October, you can receive a permit to enter and leave Turkey, and go through passport control. It is very convenient – everything is in the same building; but it is advised that you inquire the hours of operation and document processing details in advance, over the phone. Customs and police buildings are located on the shore next to the southern mole of the harbor, not far from the mosque.

What to look for

Fragments of the ancient town Larumna (with the remains of the fortress’s wall on the hill) are of high interest to those who love history. Lovers of the antique are welcome to stop by at the antique shop, at the custom-clothing shop where they sell shirts and T-shirts made of pure cotton and embroidered with national patterns.

What and where to eat

Seafood in many shoreline restaurants. The town is famous for serving domestically grown vegetables and fish freshly caught on the outskirts of the town.


Bus routes to Marmaris, Mugla

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