Asi Koyu (Asi Koyu)


Disibilmez Buku – Asi Koyu. A small bay with a restaurant and a dock on the shore, located eight miles NW of Dalaman.


36° 43′ 22″ N, 28° 38′ 54″ E

About the location

In the NW part of the big bay of Disibilmez Buku you can find a small bay of Asi Koyu. In its NE side, behind a stone island, there is a restaurant with a dock made of plastic floating elements. The restaurant’s employee will greet you from his boat out in the sea and accompany you to the dock, and will also help you mooring. A short coastline of the bay makes a fine small pebble beach. When weather permits, the bay of Asi Koyu becomes an attraction for yachtsmen travelling from Fethiye to Marmaris, Ekincik, or, on the contrary, when yachtsmen leave Marmaris or Ekincik late and are proceeding to Fethiye, Gocek, and they have made a decision to split the route in 2 parts. Some yachtsmen that chartered a yacht in Fethiye choose the bay of Asi Koyu for their first overnight stop.

Anchoring, mooring

It is quite deep throughout the bay. Mooring is at the plastic dock. Close by, to SW, there is enough space to anchor up. You can throw a mooring line ashore. Depths are 8-10 meters.


Anchoring berths are exposed to S winds. In other cases, it is pretty much protected, but during strong winds and a disturbance in the sea a swell comes in, and that makes anchorage uncomfortable.

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Alex 25.07.2016, 15:10
  • подтверждаю, при нагонной волне с южных направлений стоянка не очень комфортная.
  • дно такое, что якорь забирает не очень хорошо, каменные плиты, иногда с первого раза не цепляет
  • в конце ноября ресторан закрыт и понтона нет
Skytheon 13.05.2017, 04:23

По русски читается не Аси, Аши. Ресторан работает не всегда, точнее не каждый год. В северо -западной части бухты возле пляжа большие подводные камни

Андрей 11.06.2017, 19:37

Читается как Аши.

Павел 20.05.2018, 17:38

Были 29 апреля 2018 года, стояли на плавучем причале лагом, мурингов нет, они все оборваны. Ресторан недорогой, пища сносная. Душ на пляже. Туалет есть, более мене чисто.